US/México border services

For your convenience, we have both US and Mexican Customs Brokers in our premises, experts in Maquiladora and NAFTA release.

We work along with your suppliers to check that merchandise was delivered to us correctly, and we manage the transportation to check everything is leaving our premises as it should.

To ensure same day importations, goods must be at BFF not later than 3:00PM. Organization and follow up with all parties is essential, including your shelter provider, your trucking company and your Mexico Customs Broker.

To avoid fines and penalties, we offer merchandise inspections to make sure that the merchandise being imported matches invoice and pedimento information.



  • Inventory reduction
  • Faster custom clearance

Warehouse services:

Our warehousing services are composed of dedicated floor space and a dedicated work station, equipped with a rack system and a working table so that your parcels can be worked on within a safe a protected space.

In order to facilitate your importation process, we offer 2 days free of charge to store your merchandise in our warehouse, allowing you to get all your documentation ready.

BFF warehouse management system - Online web access

Acquire the tools you need to better plan and execute across the supply chain. With our warehouse management solution, you can gain control over your warehouse efficiency, transform your operations, and increase your competitiveness.



• Follow tracking numbers.
• Warehouse inventories.
• Account activity report.
• Import invoice preparation.
• Prepare loading orders.
• Look up merchandise photos and related documents.
• Inventory and inspections request.